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Let us guide you in your healthcare!

Patient Advocate

Our Mission


As Board Certified Patient Advocates, my team and I 

  • Will provide you with valuable information to make informed decisions
  • Will support your healthcare choices 
  • Will help to bring your family together on major medical decisions
  • Will help find you or your loved one the best quality care possible

Experience and Professionalism

Cheryl Payne, RN, Patient Advocate here at AdvocATX guide health consultant navigator Austin help

With decades of experience, our team of health consultants can help guide you. We can do many helpful things as Patient Advocates, including:

  • Hospital bill negotiations and checking for mistakes
  • Appealing insurance denials
  • Finding home health, palliative care, or hospice
  • Medical billing disputes
  • Determining whether legal support is needed
  • Working as a liaison between insurance, billing, and you
  • Accompaniment to appointments
  • Hospital bedside support, providing protection from infections and medical mistakes
  • Finding an alternative practitioner
  • Finding you a great doctor who will treat you with respect and support your choices
  • Providing emotional support during stressful times
  • Providing an objective viewpoint for you and your family for your healthcare questions

Medical Navigation

Medicine confusing Patient Advocates AdvocATX help medical navigator consultant problems sick ill

We are expert health consultants at finding the answers to your medical mysteries. Here are some of the many ways we can help as Patient Advocates:

  • Find answers to your medical condition and provide education and resources
  • Find community resources for your condition to support you
  • Speak on your behalf regarding your medical care, giving you a voice in your healthcare needs
  • Find new treatment options and support your choices
  • Investigate prescription interactions and side effects
  • Find a second opinion, covered by your health insurance
  • Research genetic test results to provide you with tools for better health 
  • Make doctor appointments; find specialists
  • Speak to medical staff regarding your care
  • Help you investigate your overall wellness using both traditional and alternative therapies
  • Locate clinical trials, working with your doctor