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We are proud to serve as Patient Advocates for the Greater Austin area, as well as Waco and surrounding areas. If you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or scared of a new diagnosis, have mountains of treatment options, are needing a second opinion in your healthcare, or guiding you through health insurance and medical billing issues, we are here to help! Call us (512) 967-3363

Welcome ashley adams, bcpa


Welcome to AdvocateATX! Ashley is a former certified pharmacy technician, CPhT, with over eight years of pharmacy experience. Ashley is an experienced bedside Patient Advocate having cared for patients with complex medical cases. She also has a strong knowledge of insurance benefits having worked as patient financial counselor, Ashley speaks the language of health care providers and insurance company professionals. She is also able to distill information and present it in a way that patients can understand and act upon. As a patient advocate, Ashley is passionate about bridging the gap between her patients and their providers, aiding communication on both sides. Ashley can be contacted at AshleyAdams@AdvocateATX.com.

Real Testimonials From My Clients

Candace Wenham BCPA help medical consulting improving care and lowering cost Patient Advocate

Candace is an amazing Patient Advocate! She helped me understand the medical jargon at my doctor appointment, and helped me prepare for my upcoming surgery for a rare form of cancer. She also researched so much that she actually educated my oncologist on something he didn’t even know about that proved to be very valuable for my treatment. I could not have gone through all of this without her and for that I am forever grateful for such a great health advocate!

-Amy R.

I had one foot in the grave until Candace stepped in and found me a new doctor, set up the appointment, went with me to my appointment, and has been monitoring my progress ever since. She had helped me understand my test results. She has made suggestions of what I should be asking my doctor, and supplements that are helpful for my condition. She has worked tirelessly on my behalf. I do not know what I would have done without her. She has been a real lifesaver.

-Gail W.

Here for you


At AdvocateATX, Board Certified Patient Advocates can help guide you through your healthcare journey. We can help with health insurance denials, medical billing issues, finding a second opinion or a great doctor, scheduling and even attending appointments. We can also provide hospital bedside advocacy while you are most vulnerable. We can provide medication review to make sure you are safe. We can help guide you in making decisions about treatment options for confusing illnesses, such as cancer. We can help to uncover mysterious illness that no one can seem to figure out. We are here for YOU, not a hospital or an insurance company.


Advoconnection is a website created by the APHA to help patients find qualified patient advocates.

Advoconnection is a website dedicated to serving people like you, looking for a private Patient Advocate. In order to be included in this directory, the Patient Advocate must become a member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA), and submit verification of background checks and qualifications such as Board Certification. Candace is both a member of APHA, as well as a Board Certified Patient Advocate. Her qualifications prove her dedication to her work, and her results can change your life!

Code of Conduct

Health Advocate Code of Conduct is created by professionals who deal with legal and ethical matters.

What is the code of conduct?

  • Ethical standards for Patient Advocates
  • Moral obligations
  • HIPAA regulations 
  • Continuous learning 
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Nonbias 
  • Nondiscrimatory
  • Legal matters for health advocates

We are professionals with high standards to bring you the quality care you deserve. You have nothing to worry about when you’re in our hands. Let us take your stress away!