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We will provide peace-of-mind in navigating the complexities of healthcare.

Healthcare Services

Cancer Care/Oncology

locate doctor/second opinion

Finding a doctor you trust can be difficult when you have cancer. Getting a second opinion is crucial to good care. At AdvocateATX we find the best doctors. If you are interested in treatment at a cancer center, we can help with that, too!

organize medical records/ work with health insurance

Having multiple doctors with multiple treatment options can be daunting, but we can help you organize your medical records, medical bills and health insurance information, reducing stress.


We are also experts at handling insurance issues. If you have been denied for care of any kind, we can help fix the problems. Health insurance can be tricky during cancer treatment, but we can make it easy!

Coordinate care between doctors

When you have several doctors, you will need a way to have your records transferred correctly. We can help coordinate your medical care in all ways, from hospitalizations to scans, making sure all information is transferred properly and in the correct hands.

discover treatment options

By researching your SPECIFIC type of cancer, we will find the latest treatment options for you to choose from. If you're interested and qualify for a clinical trial, we can help with that too!


find home health/palliative care

Having cancer might require you to need in-home care. We can facilitate getting the proper care for you while you are ill. Finding great home health, palliative care or hospice can be hard, but we are here to find the perfect arrangement for you and your family.